Jakarta Lansia Card

Jakarta Lansia Card

Is the basic needs fulfillment program for elderly from DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. This card is given to individuals who have met the specified criteria and requirements. The Jakarta Lansia Card is an ATM card issued by Bank DKI that can be used for transactional needs by the cardholder.

The amount of funds received by each elderly is Rp 600,000, - per month starting April 2018. Next, KLJ funds are disbursed every 5th of the month.


At the moment the elderly take the Elderly Card Jakarta (KLJ), Bank DKI will deliver the ATM card along with the PIN mailer with the requirement of each elderly to bring invitation from Social Agency , ID and Family Card (original and copy).



  • What are the Jakarta Lansia Card (JLC) participant get related to social assistance funds?

    Every JLC participant will get one Bank DKI JLC ATM Card with Pin mailer that must be kept ist confidentiality.

  • How much JLC funds disbursed?

    JLC participant will get fund amounted to Rp 600.000,- per month.

  • How to use JLC funds?

    JLC participant can withdrawed cash at Bank DKI ATM machine/ATM Bersama and other payment transaction through Bank DKI EDC machine/ EDC Prima. The administrative costs of transactions using ATM/ EDC machines in other Banks, are complied with applied rules in other bank.

  • Will JLC funds be scorched if not use?

    Funds that are not used by JLC participant WILL NOT BE Scorsched, the funds will reside in Monas Lansia Jakarta Saving accounts.

  • How to activate JLC ATM Card?

    After JLC Participant receives an ATM card and PIN mailer, JLC ATM card will be activated within 2-4 weeks from the reception date. If the card is not active after 4 weeks from the reception date, JLC Participant may visit the nearest Bank DKI branch.

  • What if my pin of JLC/ ATM Card Lost?

    Please contact Bank DKI Call Center in 1500351 or visit the nearest Bank DKI Branch.

  • How to order the lost JLC/ PIN ATM Card?

    To re order the lost card, the JLC Participant must prepared a statement of loss letter from the police, carrying Identity Card (Original and photocopy). Next step, applying the JLC/ PIN ATM card to the nearest Bank DKI branch.

  • Where can I purchase transactions using JLC ATM Card?

    JLC participants can make payment transactions through Bank DKI EDC machine or Prima network in stores that provided the EDC machine. The transactions administration costs using Other Banks machines, are complied with applied rules in other bank.

  • What if my transaction failed when I use my JLC ATM card??

    Please contact Bank DKI Call Center in 1500351 or visit the nearest Bank DKI Branch and our officers will be glad to solve your problems.

    Please prepare your ID card, JLC ATM Card and our officer will direct you to fill the costumer form and solve the problem in accordance to the specified time period.