Bank DKI Auto Debit

Banking transaction facility at Bank DKI for provider billing payment (telephone, electricity, etc.) performed through automatic debit from your account.


  • Provide facility and convenience in performing transaction securely and easily.
  • Accommodate customer’s needs especially who cannot make ATM payment.

Autodebit Product Features 

  • Available for a savings account and/or a current account.
  • Have a savings account/current account at PT Bank DKI.
  • Written application in form of Auto Debet service application form from the customer.
  • Maximum number of bills registered in the AutoDebet service is not limited as long the funds deposited in the account is sufficient to be debited.

Terms of autodebet service.

  • Autodebet service application form is submitted by customer as AutoDebet service application form the latest 5 (five) working days prior the debiting date.
  • AutoDebet service application can be submitted in all Branch/Supporting Branch/Cash Offices where the account is registered or not.
  • During the account debiting process for payroll in AutoDebet service, grace period is regulated within 3 (three) days after the debiting date with maximum 3 (three) debiting processes, if the debiting process in first debiting date is failed.