Business Ethic and Code of Conduct

As a company engaged in banking and financial services industry as industry that is based on the the trust of shareholders and customers, Bank DKI views the importance to adapt business ethics at every Organization level as well as operational activities in the company.

Bank DKI has a  Code of Conduct (COC) as the ethical guidelines as ethical principle and foundation to guide relationship between the management and employees in Bank DKI as well as relationship with stakeholders in commencing business, this is expected to support corporate governance implementation as well as to grow Bank DKI’s corporate culture that emphasizes on professional behavior, transparency, responsibility, accountability and fairness.

Code of Conduct

As the internal guidelines of the Bank, Bank DKI’s code of conducts contains set of values, business ethics, work ethics, commitment, as well as compliance with Bank DKI’s regulation applied for employees in commencing business and other activities, also in having interaction with the stakeholders.

Code of Conduct (file download)


Principally, Bank DKI's Code of Conducts regulates following aspects:

  • Vision and Mission
  • KTPP DKI Values
  • GCG Principles
  • Bankers Ethical Code
  • Corporate Confidential Information and Conflict of Interest
  • Regulation Prevailed in Bank DKI

Code of Conducts socialization is done by using various channels and internal events for all Bank DKI's employee at every level, including outsourcing staffs.

COC dissemination channels are among others:

  • Champion Magazine
  • SMS Broadcast
  • Circular Letters
  • Morning Pray and Briefing
  • Corporate Mail
  • Social Site Network